The Friends have made a significant contribution to the improvement of various park facilities by:

1. Resurfacing an extensive length of pathway along the side of Gorton Upper Reservoir which adjoins the park and was previously impassable, paid for by a Lottery grant.

2. Erecting a new signs and lecterns so as to provide area route maps and general information on the facilities in the area.

3. Re-tiling the floors of public toilets in the park and painting the walls.

4. Re-painting and maintaining the café kitchen and community rooms in The Aviary.

5. Re-painting the Bowling Club and helping in the refurbishment of the nursery building.

6. Re-surfacing sections of Gorton Lower Reservoir pathway

7. Purchasing two lawn mowers, a strimmer and safety equipment for the Volunteer Gardening Group and the maintenance of the park grounds.

8. Opening up the two historic park lodges for surveying in order to make a visitor centre and shop front for the park projects.

9. Restoring the rose garden