Park Facilities.

In 2014 The Friends, working in partnership with the Park management, drew up an aspirational Ten Year Plan for the redevelopment of the park facilities.

This included:

1. The refurbishment of the children’s playground. This was completed in 2016 with  the help of funds raised by the friends at a total cost of £60K

2. The restoration of the historic park lodges. One lodge was restored at a cost of £6K and opened in 2015 as a Visitor centre and start of the Gorton Heritage Trail. The second lodge is still awaiting refurbishment.

3. The creation of new woodland and wild flower areas. In 2015 over 1000 saplings were planted on an area of the disused golf course area and the creation of a First World War memorial wood on part of the playing fields begun, to be called Hero’s Wood. £52K has been raised for the planting of 100 mixed trees which will take place in the autumn of 2017. A wild flower walk was created in an overgrown area of land at the side of the barn.

4. A new multisport area. Planned for 2017 which will include two new tennis courts and a MUGA together with the replacement of the perimeter fencing.

5. A Community Garden. This was completed in 2015 on the waste land in front of the Eco Centre.

6. New Flowerbeds. The herbaceous border was replanted in 2016 at a cost of £2K and the Rose Garden replanted at a cost of £1K. A variety of shrubs were planted in the cleared area adjacent to the bowling green at a cost of £1K

7. The Aviary Community Rooms. These have now been completely refurbished with the final creation of a new Activity Room which was completed in 2016 at a cost of £1200.

8. The restoration of Gorton House. This is an ongoing aspiration which is now being fronted by the Gorton House Action Group

9. The restoration of the Gorton Heritage Trail. This was completed in 2016 linking the park with the Gore Brook Conservation area. Over £5K has been spent on this project and the development of a Nature Centre is now under way at Gorton Reservoir Allotments.

10. The Gorton Way. A digital project to preserve the historical memory and identity of the whole Gorton area. This is now under construction on

Apart from these future plans The Friends have recently carried out a wide range of work to improve the park facilities. These include:

1. Resurfacing an extensive length of pathway along the side of Gorton Upper Reservoir which adjoins the park and was previously impassable, paid for by a Lottery grant.

2. Erecting a new signs and lectern so as to provide area route maps and general information on the facilities in the area.

3. Retiling the floors of public toilets in the park and painting the walls.

4. Repainting and maintaining the café kitchen and community rooms in The Aviary.

5. Repainting the Bowling Club and helping in the refurbishment of the nursery building.

6. Refurbishing and painting the park lecterns.

7. Resurfacing sections of Gorton Lower Reservoir pathway

8. Purchasing two lawn mowers, a strimmer and safety equipment for the Volunteer Gardening Group and the maintenance of the park grounds.