How you can become a Friend of Debdale Park

The Friends meet on the second Monday of each month at 1.30pm in the Aviary Community Rooms, located in the Centre of the park. These meetings are open events which anyone can attend.

There is no formal process of becoming a Friend. All that is involved is having an interest in the park, attending the meetings and getting involved in some way which suits you and helps the park.

The meetings form the committee of the Friends and elect the trustees to the board of Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) of the Friends. There are currently eight trustees.

How you can support the work of the Friends of Debdale Park

Anyone can make a donation towards the work of the park, which will be guaranteed to be spent entirely on the park. For example, a new tractor mower was recently donated costing £2,300, which is used to keep the lawns in the central area of the park in a good state. Also a lady who enjoyed visiting the park left £200 in her will to the park which was used to buy roses to renew one of the beds in the rose garden and a memorial plate was placed in the bed to her memory.

The Friends has a legacy Policy and anyone can leave a legacy to the park but ensure a loved one is remembered, for example on an item of park furnishing or facility.

Further details can be supplied by the Secretary or Treasurer.