Gorton Heritage Trail has been created to draw attention to small area which is both surprisingly historic and surprisingly rural while also being located heavily urbanised area of Gorton.

The trail is mainly within the Gore Brook Conservation Area and includes Sunny Brow Park, Brookfield Church and churchyard, Far Lane, Tan Yard Brow, Gorton Reservoir, Debdale Park and the Nico Ditch (which was a Saxon defensive boundary).

Gorton itself only became part of Manchester in 1907 so has its own distinctive character and history. There are eight listed buildings and other places of interest along the trail.

Historically the trail links the Stone Age (from which a stone axe was found in 1892 during the construction of the local railway line) and Saxon times, when the area was threatened by marauding bands of Danes, with the era of the industrial revolution, when Gorton became a world famous area of engineering renown.

The Trail is marked on a trail map located at different points along the trail which is further identified by way markers.

As the trail runs through what is still a surprisingly rural and environmentally diverse area it has a meadow area along Gore Brook and a Butterfly Garden which give an ecological dimension to the trail.

The project is being developed by a group of local historians, residents and interested people and is intended to be the first phase of a much longer trail, The Gorton Way, which will link all the sites of historic interest in the whole Gorton area.   If you would like to become involved in the project or have any suggestions we would love to hear from you.

You can visit the new Gorton Heritage Trail Website here:  www.gortonheritagetrail.co.uk

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