Gorton Heritage Trail:

Gorton has a rich history and the Heritage Trail will include sites connected with the history of Gorton:

1. Belle Vue Zoo
2. Gorton Park
3. Gorton Monastery
4. Byer-Peacock Locomotive Works
5. Trinity Church
6. Old Gorton
7. Gorton Cemetery
8. Butterfly Trail and Tan Yard Brow
9. Gorton Reservoirs
10. Debdale Park and Gorton House

The trail will also reflect the diverse occupancy of Gorton House where it will culminate. It is proposed that an exhibition in the house will reflect the history of the area.

Elements of the trail are gradually being put in place such as the siting of the locomotive wheel sets at the front of the park and outside Gorton library and the creation of a floral bed to include plants associated with dye works and medicine.

Further plans are under consideration to develop Green Corridors leading through the area to the park.

Gorton Way:

With the involvement of One Manchester, Gorton Way has morphed into a much more embracive project in which the Way becomes a digital platform for the hosting of Gorton’s complete cultural/social life, past and present. In digital terms there will be three strands to the Way: Historical, Natural and Social & cultural.

Through the digital element the Way can be linked to a whole range of connected web sites. It will also allow people to record their memories and interests. In doing so they will really be creating a record which will itself be the heritage of tomorrow! Modern digital technology makes this eminently achievable. It also has the potential to create an augmented reality platform which enables the viewer through an app to enter recreated past worlds.

In order to create this digital way it is envisaged that local schools and community groups will be fully engaged and given support in creating work. Already Gorton Visual Arts has completed a number of fascinating projects linked to local history such as local pubs and the community involvement in the First World War and they are now beginning one on the origins of Manchester City Football Club. These are all illustrative of the sort of information the Gorton Way web site can host.