The Friends of Debdale Park are a locally based, community led, grass roots voluntary organization that has become a charity to work for the benefit of the community.

The Friends are a registered charity (CIO) No 1154238

The Friends of Debdale work in partnership with Manchester City Council to promote the overall regeneration of the park.

Key features of the organisation are:

  • The Friends of Debdale Park are local people who have been voluntarily working in the park since the 2001, helping to promote its use and develop its potential.
  • In 2013 they became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The Friends of Debdale serve as a coordinating organisation bringing together and supporting various groups and projects active within the park.
  • The Friends have raised considerable funds over the years most recently from the National Lottery Awards for All which have been spent on the regeneration of the park.
  • The Friends of Debdale meet monthly in open meeting to oversee and approve all activity related to the restoration of Gorton House, its ancillary buildings and the wider regeneration of the park.

Structure of the Friends CIO

All roles and positions fully comply with Charity requirements for a volunteer led board.

Honorary President: Afzal Khan M.P.

Chair: Mr Allan Grafton, JP MBE

Vice-Chair:  Peter Rees

Secretary : Paul Kirkham

Treasurer:  Chris Kennedy

Trustees: There are seven trustees of the Friends of Debdale CIO