To create a revitalised park suitable for the 21st Century

Our Mission Statement

“The Friends of Debdale Park work to provide a welcoming, healthy, accessible, safe and high quality park which through partnership and effective community agreement meets a diverse range of needs and aspirations on a suitable basis.”

The Charitable Objectives:

  • To provide and assist in the provision and improvement of facilities in the park for the benefit of the general public.
  • To provide general recreational activities for the advancement of health.
  • The provision of amateur sports facilities.
  • Environmental and conservation support together with the provision of open space and suitable services.

Key Features of the Organisation are:

  • The Friends of Debdale Park are local people who have been voluntarily working in the park since the 1990s, helping to promote its use and develop its potential.
  • The Friends of Debdale serve as a co-ordinating organisation bringing together and supporting various groups and projects active within the park.
  • The Friends of Debdale meet monthly in open meetings to oversee and approve all activity  related to the regeneration of the park.
  • The Friends work in partnership with Manchester City Council area management and appropriate departments.

Our Objectives: The Friends of Debdale Park will fulfill its aims by:

  • Working with residents of the area regardless of age, ethnoicity, sex, ability, belief or political affiliation.
  • Involving local people in improving the area.
  • Working with the Park Management and City Council in any appropriate way.
  • Promoting recreational, community, sporting and play activities in the park.
  • Raising funds and receiving contributions to further its work.
  • Publicising and promoting its work to the general public.

Delivering our Objectives:

The Friends of Debdale Park have a proven track record of delivering improvements to the park infrastructure in response to local needs.

As well as producing a detailed Park Management Plan for this year’s Green Flag registration the Friends have raised substantial sums of money – over £30,000 this year – for the improvement of the park which has been spent on numerous projects directly benefiting the public and which have been in response to public demand. The Friends have the support and approval of the local community which is often registered in the large number attending our regular monthly public meetings.

Our 10 Year Plan:

Over the coming years the Friends plan to:

1. Extend the car park and create a new  entrance to the park.

2. Create a outdoor Green Gym  and cycle track.

3. Extend the wooded area and create wild flower areas.

4. Install a new multi-media bandstand for park events

5. Create a labyrinth on the field.

6. Extend the volunteer gardening programme to cover all work in the park.

7. Create a revenue stream to make the park fully sustainable.

8. Create a Gorton Heritage Trail in partnership with  other Gorton groups.

9. Work with other projects to promote the overall development of the area.

10. Continue to work in partnership with the local authority, Manchester City Council.

To fulfil all their ambitions for a better park the Friends will raise £3 million over the next ten years.