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“ A green  lung in a densely  urban area.” Sir Gerald Kaufman MP 1930 - 2017

The Park

Park Facilities.

The Friends have drawn up a comprehensive Development Plan to provide a complete refurbishment of the park facilities.

The cost the total plan is £800K and the Friends have engaged Martin Proffitt  of ‘Proffitts –Investing in Communities’ group to help them achieve this target.

The priority is the renewal of the children’s play facilities (£75K) and the Multi-Sport area (£40K). Money for the Multi-Sport area is now in place

Also in place are plans for the creation of extensive woodland and wildflower areas.

Work has started on opening up the Park Lodges to create a Visitor Centre and Shop for produce from park based projects.

A Volunteer Programme is now in place to restore and maintain the Rose Garden and the other planted areas of the park.

Further developments will include an Adventure Play area (£300K) an outdoor Green Gym (£25K, a cycle and health track (£20K) and a multi-media Bandstand (£100K)

A new access and extended car park area will be created off Wall Way.

Apart from these future plans The Friends have recently carried out a wide range of work to improve the park facilities. These include:

1. Resurfacing an extensive length of pathway along the side of Gorton Upper Reservoir which adjoins the park and was previously impassable, paid for by a Lottery grant.

2. Erecting a new signs and lectern so as to provide area route maps and general information on the facilities in the area.

3. Retiling the floors of public toilets in the park and painting the walls.

4. Repainting and maintaining the café kitchen and community rooms in The Aviary.

5. Repainting the Bowling Club and helping in the refurbishment of the nursery building.

6. Refurbishing and painting the park lecterns.

7. Resurfacing sections of Gorton Lower Reservoir pathway

8. Purchasing two lawn mowers, a strimmer and safety equipment for the Volunteer Gardening Group and the maintenance of the park grounds.                                                                                                                                   Back….