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“ A green  lung in a densely  urban area.” Sir Gerald Kaufman MP 1930 - 2017

Arching her back, a girl

practises tightrope walking

between two slender trees.

At last the sun’s come out

and people flock to the green park.

The ground is a counterpane of picnic parties,

popping corks, young people laughing,

popping strawberries into each other’s mouths.

How lovely their supple bodies are, curving

towards each  other with unclouded faces.

And the round of generation

toddling, strolling, hobbling,

some swimming in delightful waters,

men and women in their ponds

with dragon flies and water birds.

Love is everywhere on holiday

and this afternoon how beautiful

our languid, energetic species is,

communing and feasting together.

Boys climb oaks and crow triumphantly.

Love moves everything

and the heart leaps to be part of it all,

this expressive humanity,

the poorest now insulted and abused

by feckless powers, the bullying millionaires.

Love sweeps me too.

How can it not? It’s the heart’s sunshine

that cries out against unkindness

with a vision of happiness, revolution

of the wheel that smoothly turns

to the apt conclusion

of what moves the sun and the other stars.

                                                     Dinah Livingstone


The Heart’s Sunshine