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“ A green  lung in a densely  urban area.” Sir Gerald Kaufman MP 1930 - 2017

Our Ten Year Plan

     Over the coming years the Friends plan to:

1. Extend the car park and create a new  entrance to the park.

2. Create a outdoor Green Gym  and cycle track.

3. Extend the wooded area and create wild flower  areas.

4. Install a new multi-media bandstand for park events

5. Create a labyrinth on the field.

6. Extend the volunteer gardening programme to cover all work in the park.

7. Create a revenue stream to make the park fully sustainable.

8. Create a Gorton Heritage Trail in partnership with  other Gorton groups.

9. Work with other projects to promote the overall development of the area.

10. Continue to work in partnership with the local authority, Manchester City Council.

To fulfil all their ambitions for a better park the Friends will raise £3 million over the next ten years.