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News Update 14th July 2016

1. New Playground
The new play equipment is now being installed and will hopefully be ready for the summer holidays. Its taken a long time – six years – to get to this point but we hope families will think it worth the wait:

2. New Activity Centre
A new room has been created in the Aviary by knocking two smaller changing rooms together. Originally it was planned for the Kick Boxing Club but this has not now been able to proceed so the room is for general use.

This large room – 20 sq.ft. – is ideal for play schemes or group activities in the park, especially if it’s raining. The room can be booked through the Friends or the park staff:

3. Debdale Nature Centre
This is being planned in conjunction with the Gorton Heritage Trail and Gorton Horticultural Society. A designated building is now ready on Gorton Reservoir Allotments which will serve as a wildlife centre. A range of camera boxes have been prepared that can be viewed at the centre and hopefully soon on line. We are currently exploring how best to extend the web cam facility to cover the whole trail.

4. Gorton Way

Another exciting new project is being explored with One Manchester to create a virtual trail around the sites of Gorton. This digital project will involve schools and different groups to create a panorama of Gorton.

Artist’s impression of New Playground

Work in progress on New Playground

The new Activity room in the Aviary building