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“ A green  lung in a densely  urban area.” Sir Gerald Kaufman MP 1930 - 2017 Home

The Friends of Debdale Park C.I.O.

The Friends of Debdale Park are a locally based, community led, grass roots voluntary organization that has become a charity to work for the benefit of the community.

The Friends are a registered charity (CIO) No 1154238

The Friends of Debdale work in partnership with Manchester City Council to promote the overall regeneration of the park.

Key features of the organisation are:

Structure of the Friends CIO

All roles and positions fully comply with Charity requirements for a volunteer led board.

Honorary President: Afzal Khan M.P.

Chair: Mr Allan Grafton, JP MBE
Vice-Chair:  Peter Rees

Secretary : Paul Kirkham

Treasurer:  Chris Kennedy

Trustees: There are seven trustees of the Friends of Debdale CIO