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News Update 7th September 2018

Childrens Holiday Activities:

Vicki and Chris have been busy during the school holidays this year, starting from February.  They have been running craft activities aimed at children and families in the Activity room in the Aviary.

February Half term we had Sunflower planting and pot decorating.  Easter was an Easter Egg Hunt,  Bird feeder building and Pebble painting.  Whit half term there was Pebble painting and Scarecrow building.  During the summer holidays we had Suncatchers, Fairy door decorating and Hama Bead magnet making.

All the activities were very well attended, and the Park staff were happy to ask for more events to be put on over the next holidays.

Planned for October Half term is Halloween Pumpkin carving.

Adult Exercise Area:

With help from Tesco and Groundworks ‘Bags of Help’ funding, we have now made a start on our Adult Exercise Area, next to the children’s playground.

The first pieces of equipment are in place, and in use, with more to follow.